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Nathan Wigglesworth

I'm an Englishman in New York. I work as a senior art director @ Wieden + Kennedy. I've been in the game for over 8 years and have executed a range of projects from launching Lady Gaga's new album, to rebranding the Philadelphia Sixers. I helped turn a battery film into the #1 video on reddit, and have accrued over 70 millions views on youtube across all my projects. My work has received recognition at all the major shows. In my spare time I eat, sleep, and breathe boxing, football (soccer), and basketball.

I also used to make money in high-school by volunteering for police line-ups. I would stand alongside the criminals and hold up a letter. On one occasion I heard all 3 of the witnesses chose my letter, the defending lawyer then came over and gave me a high five. Later in life, on my first film production as a student, a hawk escaped from our set and was eaten by an eagle. More recently,  I've had 3 black eyes over the last two years. When anyone asks me where I'm from I say London, because no one knows where Reading is. Please reach out, I love making new connections!

Cannes Lions / One Show / D&AD / AICP / Young Guns /
Webbys / Graphis / Future Lions / Addys


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